About Us

MRWM Landscape Architects was originally founded in 1973 as the office of Baker H. Morrow, Landscape Architect.  As the only landscape architectural firm in New Mexico with 11 licensed landscape architects, our primary objectives are to consistently provide innovative design and quick responsiveness to the requirements of each project.  We have a keen sense of the long history of landscape architecture in the Southwest, and our practice extends throughout the region.  Our objective is to achieve, at a reasonable cost, the creative goals of both the firm and our clients while producing distinctive works of landscape architecture.  

During 43 years of professional practice and through the completion of over 4,000 projects, MRWM has furthered the appreciation of landscape architecture as a means of improving the quality of life in urban and rural settings throughout New Mexico and surrounding states. Our project types include—among others— national, state, county, and municipal parks, plazas, schools, playgrounds, streetscapes, museums, libraries, universities, athletic facilities, botanical gardens, master plans, hospitals and other medical facilities, ranches, wetlands, farms, offices, shopping centers, cemeteries, opera grounds, housing, and historic landscapes.  

In the Southwest, water is our most precious and finite resource and MRWM Landscape Architects have been pioneers of water-wise landscaping for two decades.  Beginning with appropriate design of the site, our approach also includes soil amendments for more efficient use of the additional water provided to the landscape, selection of low-water-use plants, an efficient irrigation design and application of water, selection and placement of mulch for water retention, and provision of information on proper maintenance.

We are a full‑service firm, offering planning, complete design and design production, irrigation design, and thorough site observation services during construction.  Our goal is to always provide efficient, precise transfer of information and quick response to our Owner and design consultant teams to meet even the most aggressive project deadlines.