Isleta Pueblo NM 47 Streetscape

Location: Isleta Pueblo, NM

Completed: Master Plan: 2013; Phase I: In progress

The Isleta Gateways Project transforms the ordinary highway and commercial landscapes that currently greet travelers entering the Pueblo of Isleta from state highways.

These entryways are filled with iconic sculptures that celebrate the heritage and aspirations of the community's native people. The public art relates to stories that are significant to the tribe, and it gives visitors an understanding of the importance water, earth, and agriculture have had in sustaining Isleta's society.

MRWM worked with the Pueblo of Isleta to create a master plan for the project, creating a set of culturally distinctive and visually engaging nodes where state highways cross into the Pueblo. 

The project’s first phase, the northern entrance of State Highway 47, incorporates the talents of two of the Pueblo’s premier artists, Ron Olguin and Robin Teller. Olguin, working from paper models and inspired by the studies of light and shadow by European artists such as Matisse, Van Gogh, and Picasso, transcribes traditional ornamental designs found on Isleta's pottery into cutouts on large steel sheets.