Old Santa Fe Trail Building Cultural Landscape Inventory and Report

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2011

MRWM previously conducted a Cultural Landscape Inventory (CLI) for the historic Old Santa Fe Trail Building (OSFTB) in the 1990s.  Using the information from this report and a current detailed site analysis, MRWM completed Parts One and Two of a Cultural Landscape Report (CLR) for this historic building, which currently houses the National Parks Service Headquarters in Santa Fe. The CLR graphically identifies all contributing landscape characteristics and, in coordination with other management requirements, determines specific rehabilitation and restoration guidelines for landscape elements throughout the site. The CLR also addresses the following subject areas as defined by a 2001 General Management Plan for the OSFTB: vegetation and planting design, vehicle circulation and signage, wildland fire, recreational use of grounds, and irrigation and water conservation.

The Old Santa Fe Trail Building and its grounds were designed by the NPS and constructed between 1937 and 1941 by the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) to serve as the new Region III Headquarters for the National Parks Service; a function it still serves today. The building and its grounds were built in the ‘Spanish-Pueblo Revival’ style with well articulated planting plans in the interior courtyards and naturalized plantings in parking lots and surrounding site. The site is significant because of its association with the regional revival of architectural traditions, and because of its association with the 1930s NPS design tenets such as “Government Rustic style”.