Petroglyphs National Monument Visitor Use Plan

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2010

MRWM coordinated with Monument staff to develop a Visitor Use Plan and Trail Plan for Petroglyph National Monument. The work included detailed site analysis, including an existing trail survey and analysis, a thorough review of existing literature, and coordination with NPS, local tribes, and the general public.

Visitor use at Petroglyph National Monument has increased beyond its current capacity, which has resulted in an increased number of new desire trails, increased erosion along existing trails and general degradation of the monument. MRWM assessed the condition of the existing trail network and identified major factors affecting its degradation and the overall health of the Monument. MRWM developed a Visitor Use Plan that incorporates recommendations to restore damaged parts of the trail network and mitigate the increased pressure on the Monument’s resources. The plan allows the Monument to accommodate its current number of visitors, while protecting the character and cultural resources the Monument has to offer.