Robinson Park Renovation

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2014

Robinson Park is an historic park in downtown Albuquerque. It was the first park built in Albuquerque after the Old Town Plaza, which dates from the 17th century.  It provided welcome, familiar shade and cool lawns in what was then a dusty frontier town. The park continues to provide an oasis in downtown, as it hosts the weekly Downtown Growers' Market in the summer. This heavy use had taken a toll on the condition of the turf and over time, irrigation efficiency had waned. This renovation addressed these concerns with a simple solution that required detailed analysis and clever problem-solving.  The goal of the project was to widen the existing concrete walk and balance the associated turf removal with added turf coverage elsewhere in the park.  MRWM verified the existing irrigation system with Parks Management and came up with simple retrofit solutions that accomplished the goal.