Santa Fe Plaza Cultural Landscape Report and Renovation

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: CLR: 2005; Phases I and II of Renovations: 2008

MRWM conducted historic landscape architectural consultation regarding the propriety of proposed restoration elements for limited improvements to the Plaza and completed a full cultural landscape report to inform any future improvements or alterations to the Plaza. Based on the findings of the report, MRWM provided full design services for two phases of landscape improvements to the Plaza, including complete irrigation system redesign.  MRWM worked closely with stakeholders, multiple agencies, and local business owners to provide consensus building on the proper course of Plaza restoration to be undertaken.  The success of the CLR and renovations was founded on a thorough public involvement process.  These improvements helped to maintain the historic character and integrity of the site, while increasing ease of maintenance, public safety, and aesthetic quality.  In 2009, the Cultural Properties Review Committee awarded MRWM with a Heritage Preservation Award for the Santa Fe Plaza Cultural Landscape Report.