UNM college of Education Building

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2010

with Gregory T. Hicks and Associates

The first LEED Platinum certified project in New Mexico, the UNM College of Education is a new addition to the existing College of Education building on the main UNM campus.

The landscape design contributes to the LEED certification through its water efficiency, recycled content, use of regional materials, restoration of habitat through site development, storm water design quantity and quality control and the inclusion of bicycle storage.

The design takes the usual pond-like storm water detention pond required for new buildings and transforms it into a long channel that winds around the building. This is not only more aesthetically interesting, but also allows more water to infiltrate and reach adjacent plants. Plant selection was carefully considered to match the existing campus aesthetic, be vandal resistant, provide year-round interest and be low maintenance.