Alamosa Skatepark

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2007

Alamosa Skatepark was commissioned in 2004 to be the City’s second in-ground large scale skatepark. The majority of the City’s other existing skateparks are typical bowls with radiused transitions and limited “streetscape” elements. It draws inspiration from Albuquerque’s extensive arroyo system as well as site specific elements in the City that are now off-limits to skating. Various elements are incorporated in a cohesive site plan that responds to current trends in the sport.

The park is split into two distinctive sections: the Trenches and the Skylit Bowl. The Trenches are described as a “street plaza” with a mix of banks, ledges, walls, stairs, gaps and rails in various combinations. The Skylit Bowl is a large version of the empty swimming pool feature often found in skateparks.

The skatepark has multiple entry points, which further enhance the concept of a park in which to skate. Along the south side of the park an existing pedestrian walk provides access to three entry points; an uphill sloped walk, a down-hill sloped ramp and a set of stairs. Two ride-able walks connect the Trenches to the Skylit Bowl, which is connected to a perimeter walk with a crusher fines path. These connections provide easy internal circulation and a sense of openness to the surrounding site.

Among skaters, the response to the park has been highly positive, partly because features of the park mimic places like Civic Plaza and the University of New Mexico, where skating is no longer allowed.  With its public, park-like features such as grassy lawns and walkways, it also draws non-skaters, resulting in a wide range of visitors.

Alamosa skatepark has been featured in several magazines and videos, as well as being a case study in the 11th edition of Architectural Graphic Standards.  It was also the site of a national skateboarding contest and has hosted numerous smaller events.