Alto Park

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: Phase 3: 2007

This project is a complete renovation of a large, historic park along the Santa Fe River.  The plan includes a pedestrian plaza, concessions building, three multi-use fields and play equipment.  Public support and participation was central to this project as the park is a highly used facility with multiple, highly involved user groups, all of which had to buy into the design. MRWM conducted and participated in a number of public presentations and meetings to ensure community support and ownership. The design incorporates several water harvesting measures, a precise irrigation system, and a reduction in turf area, all of which lower the water use of the park by more than 50%.  Shaw Sportexe artificial turf was installed for the dual-purpose baseball and soccer fields, and has received popular review. The baseball and soccer fields were creatively oriented, with two moveable fences to allow for maximum use of the space.  Additionally, the park was an ideal location to install a porous concrete parking area. Monitoring of the installation is being conducted to help inform future design decisions for porous pavements in Santa Fe.