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As a landscape architect I can't tell you how many times I've been asked,"But what do landscape architects do?"

Those of us who have gone through the rigorous education and exhausting practical training that culminate in a grueling series of exams before we can even call ourselves landscape architects, will tell you: a lot!

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This is landscape architecture...


We design living places for people, but our medium is more than just trees and shrubs. We use science and technology to make these places smart consumers and savers of water. We use culture to help them reflect their place in time and history and resonate with their users. We use our understanding of people as social creatures to make them useful and supportive of their community's needs. As landscape architects we engage in the social, technical and environmental challenges of place making.

In a single day we might spend time educating a client on the benefits of water harvesting, designing a fully accessible playground for a park, creating a healing garden for a hospital, performing an analysis of a major irrigation system, or making sure that a street intersection is designed to D.O.T. safety standards.

On a single project we may create a phasing plan for incremental development, design a complex irrigation system for a series of athletic fields, recommend a circulation plan that safely allows vehicular and pedestrian traffic to co-exist, and draw up a set of terraced gardens that capture rainwater and display masses of native flowering plants that both enchant and educate.




...and this too.

Our Collaborators

We also work with all sorts of people, from the City Manager who wants to revitalize the town main street or enhance and preserve the historic central plaza, to architects and engineers needing our expertise in site design, water harvesting, irrigation design and plant palettes.

Learn with us

So, now that you know a little more about what we actually do, we want to share more of our passion and expertise, our thoughts about the future of the built environment and lessons learned from our extensive past experience. We will be drawing on the knowledge and talent of our eleven licensed landscape architects to bring you a wealth of thoughts, insights and inspiring images. We'll share our expertise with you and give you a look behind the scenes.

In an ever changing world we believe that thoughtful planning, resilient design, careful use of resources and concern for all people, of all ages and abilities and status, will result in projects of significance and positive consequence. We hope you will find information here that is valuable, enlightening and engaging.

What ideas or questions do you have about landscape architecture? Ask Mr. William. We might just write a post about it.


Written by Judith Wong, ASLA


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