Interstate 25 - Exit 240, Avenida bernalillo

Location: Bernalillo, NM

Completed: 2014

In its previous condition, the site was a barren roadside that had been denuded by recent interstate construction.  The Town of Bernalillo was left with a newly rebuilt interstate exit, but one that was visually offensive and unwelcoming to motorists.  

We took inspiration from the square grid of adobe rooms at the ruins of nearby Kuaua Pueblo, knowing that the bold form of these ruins would also be appropriate for use in a highway landscape being viewed by motorists at high speed.  The design uses a grid layout of these remnant rooms built out of adobe walls at varying heights and levels to suggest ruins that have been exposed and weathered over time.  

After the general contractor built the concrete footings and CMU substrate, the Town's Youth Conservation Corps members laid the adobe blocks and caps.  The adobe blocks are deliberately "unstabilized", so that they will weather and slowly melt over time to further reinforce the look of ancient ruin walls.