Four Hills village Park

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: July 2015

This exciting park is based on the concept that play is not limited to a particular area; rather, the entire park becomes a playground.

Inspired by stories of adventure and exploration, it is heavily planted with a variety of trees that will eventually create a shady forest as the setting for play. There is no turf in this high desert park - instead, a continuous carpet of engineered wood fiber forms a soft surface and a woodland-like setting.

Natural boulder retaining walls create a raised terrace with benches and trees that follows a forest walk loop trail around the park. Opportunities abound to leave the ADA sidewalk and dodge through a copse of trees, hide behind trunks, duck into rooms created by masses of ornamental grasses, scramble over boulders between levels, and balance along the spine of an old tree trunk.

The focus of the park is a big treehouse-like play structure that is connected to the perimeter forest walk. Exercise stations and a small basketball court in other areas ensure fun for both adults and children, and shade structures and a group picnic area provide views overlooking the Tijeras Arroyo to the Sandia Mountains beyond.