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Edgewood Commons Master Plan Updates

Location: Edgewood, NM

Completed: 2014

MRWM worked with Dennis Engineering, the Town of Edgewood, and the State Land Office of New Mexico to update a master plan for Section 16 in Edgewood. The existing master plan was completed in 2005 and was in need of several updates to align it with the needs of the Town and long range planning efforts.

MRWM brought the master plan up to date and developed a new plan of proposed land uses. Public meetings were held to gain community input and support and ensure the success of the plan. 

Eunice Regional Lake Recreation Complex

Location: Eunice, New Mexico

Completed: Master Plan: 2012, Phase I: 2013

MRWM created a Master Plan for this regional recreational park, which includes a renovation and expansion of the existing lake, a new walking trail, shooting range, RV camping, park and recreational spaces, a disc golf course, picnic areas, and athletic fields.

MRWM also designed a phasing plan to divide this large project into affordable and logically sequenced stages.

In 2013 development for Phase I of the project was completed, which included new entry signage and vehicular access, shelters, and walking trails. Recreational upgrades included a new basketball court and sand volleyball courts. 


Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: Under Construction

MRWM worked with Wilson and Company to develop a master plan for Albuquerque's Fifty-Mile Activity Loop. The project proposes to fill in the gaps in the City's existing bicycle path and trail network to create a complete bicycle and pedestrian loop around the city.

MRWM advised on route location, and assessed the need for and location of trailside amenities along the loop. Proposed facilities include rest stops, activity nodes, destinations, and gateways. Potential sub-loops off the main fifty-mile loop were identified and graphics developed for community meetings and public presentations.

The first phase of trail construction is currently underway. 

Los Soleras Master Plan

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: 2009

MRWM provided landscape master planning for this 550 acre development on the southern edge of Santa Fe. The project includes plans for a new RailRunner public transportation stop and associated transit-oriented,mixed use development.

Planning for the parks and open space areas is based on the opportunity to rehabilitate slopes and enhance wildlife habitat while creating valuable recreational opportunities. Streetscapes are designed to harvest rainwater for landscape plantings and provide pedestrian-scale amenities, encouraging alternative modes of transportation like walking and biking.

Similar to other large-scale development projects MRWM has worked on, including the Journal Center in Albuquerque, streetscape landscaping will occur in a way that allows future development within the site to fit into the existing (and mature) landscape.

North I-25 Corporate Center

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2010

w/ Reid & Associates and FBT Architects

MRWM completed a full landscape master plan and detailed landscape design guidelines as part of a Site Plan for Subdivision application for a 65 acre office and retail park located on the northwestern side of I-25 in Albuquerque.

The project includes plans for streetscapes, parking lots, office and retail landscapes, a bike trail, and a central commons park/plaza.

Inverted crowns, or dry stream beds, are key elements of the landscape design, intended to harvest rainwater for landscape plantings while providing an aesthetic amenity. Screening of parking lots, creating pedestrian-scale environments, and water conservation were all important considerations for the design.

MRWM also completed a more detailed plan for the first phase of development for submittal to the City of Albuquerque Environmental Planning Commission. 

San Juan College Master Plan

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2002 to present

The San Juan College Recreation Complex Master Plan was completed by MRWM and adopted by the college board of regents in March 2002. 

The plan is for a 24-acre joint use recreation facility to be developed in coordination with the City of Farmington and San Juan county.  Recreational facilities include softball, soccer, multipurpose fields, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball facilities and a children’s playground.  Also included: a pond for the collection of stormwater to be used for irrigation throughout the facility and the main college campus; a classroom, concession and restroom building; a walking/jogging trail; parking for 300 vehicles; a new access road that serves the facility as well as the main campus; and landscape and storm drainage improvements.

MRWM continues to work with the college to refine the plan and produce construction documents for each phase of development.

santa fe county South Meadows Open Space

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: Under construction 2014

MRWM worked with Santa Fe County to develop a Master Plan for South Meadows Open Space near the Traditional Village of Agua Fria. The 22-acre open space property has a historic connection to El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, and the rapidly developing surrounding community encouraged the County to buy the property and preserve it.

The program for the open space includes a dog park, walking trails, amphitheater, community garden, picnic area, outdoor classroom, interactive/interpretive play nodes, parking and drainage improvements.

MRWM conducted a thorough site analysis to ensure that the placement and interconnections of site elements appropriately addressed the need to preserve the natural ecosystem, while providing fun and accessible recreation opportunities for visitors.

The design highlights the cultural and ecological history of the site through interpretive use of plant materials, natural drainage features, and interactive play elements. Concepts for the play nodes included a “torreón” or look-out tower offering a structure for children to climb, while also telling the history of the Camino Real and providing views over the adjacent housing development to the Santa Fe River and the path of the historic trail. Another concept created tunnels to help interpret the importance of the prairie dogs, a keystone species, which live on the site while also providing a fun play experience for children.

MRWM presented the master plan to the highly involved community members at a public meeting, and modified the design to accommodate their expressed needs.