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CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: Healing Garden: 2000, Entry Court: 2012

The Healing Garden at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe was designed to support the healing process for patients at the Cancer Treatment Center.  This result is achieved both actively and passively.  Greg Miller of MRWM met with doctors and patients and learned that recovery is both a physical and mental process.  The garden is therefore structured to provide challenge and reward opportunities for patients to progressively experience more, and to overcome new challenges as their recovery allows.  

The process works like this: at first patients access the top terrace in a wheelchair, a week later they reach the middle terrace by maneuvering the steps that are specifically design for use with walkers, the week after that they reach the mid-point of the curvilinear seat wall on foot, the week after that they reach the intimate seating space at the end of the seatwall, and the last week of recovery they reach the mural and water feature at the bottom terrace by using a standard stairway.  This process actively encourages patients to build their strength, accomplish increasingly difficult tasks, and enjoy the rewards of experiencing new spaces within the garden.

The Entry Court was completed in 2012. The plant palette here provides year-round color and interest within a shaded seating area. Several sculptural pieces were integrated into the design.

MRWM has worked with CHRISTUS St. Vincent on numerous projects over the years. 

Carrie Tingley Children's Hospital Interior Coutyard

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2004

This project transformed a derelict courtyard at a children's hospital into a combination of physical therapy center and passive enjoyment garden. 

The main function of the courtyard is to provide a series of ordinary site features that children might encounter as obstacles on a daily basis.  The courtyard garden provides them with a safe environment to develop the strength and skills require to negotiate these impediments. 

Children can meet recovery goals in a way that is not clinical in nature. They can learn to go up stairs, down ramps, over various paving textures, across turf, even walk a series of balance beams. These features all blend naturally into the garden setting. 

A secondary goal is providing passive space for children and their parents to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the sterile hospital environment. The semi-private plaza provides a sense of seclusion while remaining part of the overall garden context.  A central fountain bubbles out of a large boulder, raised so that children can touch water without bending over.  An integral garden plot allows children and staff to experience the joy of planting, cultivating, and harvesting vegetables and flowers.

This garden has become a desirable destination for staff and patients, and fosters a sense of connection with the natural world outside of the medical hospital environment.

Hidalgo Medical Center

Location: Silver City, New Mexico

Completed: 2013

with Hartman + Majewski Design Group

Project Description

Los Lunas First Choice Community Healthcare

Location: Los Lunas, NM

Completed: 2012

with Gregory T. Hicks and Associates

MRWM collaborated with architects Gregory T. Hicks and Associates on the site plan for this new healthcare clinic in Los Lunas, New Mexico.

The linear groupings of plants in the landscape around the building respond to the architectural style and are reminiscent of the gridded agricultural patterns in the area.

MRWM also provided design for a xeriscape demonstration garden in the area between the clinic parking and the adjacent police station. The entire landscape is very low water use and is irrigated with a drip system.

Southwest Medical Office

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2005

with the Hartman Majewski Design Group

MRWM provided complete landscape architectural consultation for a new medical office building on the West side of Albuquerque. Low-water use plants such as Joshua trees and agave give this landscape a unique sense of place. MRWM worked with Design Group to create sculptural concrete elements within the landscape, further defining the space and providing character. 

University of New Mexico Hospital, Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilions

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Completed: 2007

with Studio Southwest Architects

MRWM provided complete landscape architectural services, including irrigation design, for the new UNM Children’s Hospital Building and parking structure.

The safe and attractive pedestrian access that was created from the parking area to the hospital was a major goal of the design.

A central plaza, focused on an orchard of memorial fruit trees, connects several hospital entrances while creating a place of respite in a busy environment. Massings of ornamental grasses were employed to add to the sense of calm.

MRWM also completed construction drawings for a rehabilitation pathway in the plaza. The pathway transitions between different surfaces such as bricks, artificial turf, flagstone, textured concrete, and detectable warning surfaces, allowing clients to practice negotiating the various textures and challenges of pedestrian passage.