NMSU McFie Circle - master plan, phases I & II

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Completed: 2016

McFie Circle is at the center of the New Mexico State University campus. A vibrant and busy core with competing pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular requirements, the University was in need of a renovation solution that streamlined circulation and created an attractive campus core with a clear hierarchy between all modes of transportation. MRWM met with twelve NMSU stakeholder groups to gain a clear understanding of the needs of each group and to resolve conflicts when they arose. MRWM created a generous twenty foot pedestrian and bicycle thoroughfare that accommodates emergency, maintenance and service vehicles. The project uses attractive pavement patterns to clearly define the space as a pedestrian and bicycle corridor and keep it from feeling like a roadway. Colored concrete with a specialty finish is punctuated with contrasting pavers at intersections, which work together to create a cohesive hardscape that smoothly connects existing buildings, plazuelas and a future central lawn. Vehicular service and maintenance access is strategically integrated without interfering with the flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The walkway incorporates symbols and striping to delineate lanes for pedestrians and bicycles. Shade trees line each side of the walk, providing a strong sense of space and much needed shade. New pedestrian lighting and new site furnishings further unite the large campus center.

This project began as a master planning project that included significant university stakeholder involvement. MRWM led these efforts, successfully incorporating the multiple needs and requirements into the final plan. The master plan includes removal of a parking lot in the heart of the NMSU campus and turning it into a multi-use green space, which will be constructed in Phase III. The first phase of construction was completed in May 2016. MRWM worked with NMSU to design the second phase of construction, which was completed in May 2017.