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MRWM's state and national cemetery experience includes 31 separate projects at 18 different State and National Cemeteries throughout the United States during the past 15 years.

MRWM has master planning experience for state veterans cemeteries administered under the National Cemetery Administration Veterans Cemetery Grants Program (VCGP).

Additional master planning experience includes cemetery expansion projects and master planning for the overall renovation of the Historic National Landmark site of Fort Bayard National Cemetery.

MRWM also brings the added specialized knowledge and experience of the design and construction document preparation for:

  • columbaria at four national cemeteries (6,070 niches)
  • crypt fields at three national cemeteries (8,500 double depth crypts)
  • signage and site furnishings at 10 national cemeteries
  • landscape planting and irrigation at 26 state and national cemeteries
  • irrigation systems analysis and improvements at 10 national cemeteries














The following is a list of our cemetery project experience with the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Cemetery Administration and various State departments of veterans affairs:

  • Santa Fe National Cemetery Expansion /  Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2000
  • Santa Fe National Cemetery Irrigation Replacement / Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2004
  • Santa Fe National Cemetery: Administration/PIC and Maintenance Building Remodel and Additions / Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2013
  • Santa Fe National Cemetery Wall Renovation – Construction Phase Services / Santa Fe, New Mexico - 2012
  • Santa Fe National Cemetery: Construct Columbarium and Cremains – Construction Phase Services (with FourFront Design, Inc.)/ Santa Fe, New Mexico – 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Fort Gibson National Cemetery Assessment of Existing Irrigation System & Water Supply / Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - 2002
  • Fort Gibson National Cemetery Irrigation Replacement / Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - 2007
  • Fort Gibson National Cemetery Expansion / Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - 2008                                                                                                                                                              
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery Expansion/ El Paso, Texas - 2003
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery New Public Restroom / El Paso, Texas – 2003
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery Xeriscape Conversion / El Paso, Texas - 2006
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery Pre-placed Crypts Design - Build / El Paso, Texas - 2009
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery Columbarium Design-Build/ El Paso, Texas - 2009                                                                                                                                                           
  • National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Columbarium Expansion / Honolulu, Hawaii - 2008                                                                                                                                
  • Riverside National Cemetery Columbarium / Riverside, California - 2009                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Houston National Cemetery Expansion / Houston, Texas - 2007                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery Irrigation Analysis & Report  / Dallas, Texas- 2006
  • Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery Expansion/ Grande Prairie, Texas - 2006                                                                                                                                                          
  • Fort Bayard National Cemetery Master Plan  /  Fort Bayard, New Mexico - 2009                                                                                                                                                                
  • Kentucky State Veterans Cemetery Northeast – Phase I (Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs) / Greenup, Kentucky - 2009                                                                             
  • Fort Scott National Cemetery Irrigation Renovation and Expansion / Fort Scott, Kansas - 2010                                                                                                                                  
  • Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery Crypt Conversion / St. Louis, Missouri – 2010                                                                                                                                                    
  • Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Evaluation and Repair of Existing Irrigation / San Antonio, Texas - 2010
  • Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Irrigation Replacement / San Antonio, Texas - 2012                                                                                                                                         
  • Fort Bayard National Cemetery Phase I: Cemetery Improvements and New Maintenance Building / Fort Bayard, New Mexico – 2017                                                                   
  • Camp Nelson National Cemetery Columbarium Plaza Design-Build / Nicholasville, Kentucky –   2013                                                                                                                     
  • Danville National Cemetery Pre-placed Crypts Design-Build / Danville, Illinois – 2014                                                                                                                                                
  • Beaufort National Cemetery Convert to 2,500 Pre-placed Crypts and Add 1,000 Niche Columbarium Design-Build / Beaufort, South Carolina – 2015                                     
  • Fayetteville National Cemetery Columbarium Design/Build (with Decatur Construction) /Fayetteville, Arkansas – 2016                                                                                                   
  • Fort Stanton State Veterans Cemetery / Fort Stanton, New Mexico - 2015                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Leslie County State Veterans Cemetery / Leslie County, Kentucky - 2015

Fort Bayard National Cemetery

Location: Fort Bayard, NM

Completed: Master Plan: 2009; Phase I: 2017

with URS Corporation and MTR Landscape Architects

Partnering with URS Corporation, MRWM conducted a comprehensive site analysis and inventory of the historic Ft. Bayard National Cemetery in order to determine the appropriate actions for master planning the renovation. MRWM also worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs and the New Mexico State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to solve issues surrounding accessibility, public safety, drainage, water supply, and increased internments in a way that upholds the historic character and enhances access and usability of the site.

The cemetery is part of a National Historic Landmark Site. MRWM documented the historic elements of the site and coordinated the review and approval of the site master plan with New Mexico SHPO. This challenging project involved integrating these historic elements with new site developments that were required to bring the cemetery into current National Cemetery Administration standards.

MRWM completed construction documents for Phase I of the design, which include new building construction and complete replacement of the irrigation system, and performed construction phase services (with MTR Landscape Architects) as Phase I was constructed.

Fort Bliss National Cemetery

Location: El Paso, TX

Completed: 11-acre Expansion: 2003; Xeriscape Conversion: 2008; Crypt/Columbarium Design-Build: 2009

with Wilson and Company, URS Corporation, and MRT Construction

MRWM has completed several projects at Fort Bliss National Cemetery.

2003: Schematic and design development through construction phase services for landscape, irrigation and associated site improvements for an 11-acre expansion of the cemetery. MRWM worked closely with the project engineer on the overall design of the expansion with an emphasis on creating a xeric landscape that responded to a local need to reduce water consumption.

2008: Schematic design through construction phase services for a conversion from 50 acres of high water use turf to a native, drought tolerant landscape. MRWM was responsible for complete landscape architectural services on the project including planting and irrigation design, detailing of site elements, and construction observation for this project. MRWM carefully researched local environmental conditions and materials in developing this sustainable design, which will result in significant water savings for many years to come.

2009: MRWM was the landscape architectural consultant for two design-build projects at the cemetery, including a 5,000 crypt expansion and a 3,800 niche columbarium plaza. We were responsible for all facets of the designs including grading, drainage, crypt placement, columbarium wall structure, footings, veneer finish, walkways, site furnishings, landscape plantings and irrigation.

Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Irrigation Evaluation and Repair 

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Completed: 2014

MRWM investigated, analyzed, and reported on the existing physical and operating conditions of the entire irrigation system on this 166 acre site. Our evaluation included the reclaimed water supply and storage pond; pump station and filtration system; and lateral distribution systems. 

Based upon the results of the investigation and report, MRWM prepared design development and final construction documents and an estimate of probable construction costs as required to make the modifications needed to bring the entire irrigation system up to current National Cemetery Administration standards. 

fort Scott national cemetery irrigation renovation and expansion

Location: Fort Scott, KS

Completed: 2011


MRWM provided schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction phase services for this irrigation renovation and expansion project at Fort Scott National Cemetery. The project included a complete replacement of the irrigation system in the original 10.2 acres of the historic section of the cemetery and development of a new irrigation system for the newer 9.9 acres of the site, which previously did not have an irrigation system. MRWM also prepared specifications and cost estimates for the project.

The project involved the conversion of an outdated irrigation system to a highly efficient, automated sprinkler system including a new booster pump. The irrigation system was designed to meet Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery standards and features a two wire system. A separate dedicated potable water line was installed for the flower watering stations.

Several historic features of the site required careful planning, including existing grave sites, numerous large trees, and site walls. The design for the irrigation pump house accommodated the need for the structure to be architecturally appropriate for the historic nature of the site. The project also included a new parking pull-off area and entry access to the administration building and gravesite locator.

MRWM also performed construction phase services for this project, ensuring that the contractor followed the plans and specifications.

Kentucky veterans cemetery northeast

Location: Greenup County, KY

Completed: 2010


As a member of the firm CARMAN's project team, MRWM served as a consultant during the site analysis and master planning phases of this project.  MRWM was then the project team member responsible for irrigation design of the new 75-acre veterans cemetery for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The project was funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs and was designed and built to meet VA National Cemetery standards. 

MRWM provided schematic design, design development, construction documents, and limited construction phase services for the irrigation system. MRWM was also responsible for preparing water use calculations, operational requirements, cost estimates and technical specifications. The irrigation system is a high efficiency, automated sprinkler and bubbler system with a primary main line and several sub-mains. 

The system utilizes the latest technology and equipment for water efficiency and water management.

Riverside national cemetery columbarium plaza

Location: Riverside, CA

Completed: 2011

with URS Corporation

MRWM provided landscape planting and irrigation design for Columbarium 'C', a 10,272 niche columbarium plaza within the Phase IV development area at Riverside National Cemetery.

The project included the design of drip irrigation in the columbarium plaza, irrigation design for the turf surrounding the plaza, and the selection of approved xeric plants from the Western Municipal Water District's Water-Wise Plant List. The irrigation system was designed for use with the cemetery's recycled water supply and central irrigation control system.

MRWM modeled the planting design for the new columbarium to match the landscaping at other columbarium courtyards within the cemetery.

Santa Fe National Cemetery

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Completed: 20 acre expansion: 2002; Water Improvements: 2002; Administration and Maintenance Building Remodel

with URS Corporation and Smithgroup JJR

In collaboration with URS Corporation, MRWM provided schematic, design development, construction documents, and construction phase services for the landscape, irrigation, and associated site improvements for the expansion of the Santa Fe National Cemetery. 

MRWM also provided landscape architectural consultation for a complete renovation of the irrigation system, including design of a computerized central control system for the 60 park-like acres.  Construction observation services were provided for both projects.  

In 2012, MRWM worked with Smithgroup JJR to produce construction documents for the renovation and remodel of the Administration/PIC and Maintenance buildings.